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" Bernie Hartung & Associates - Utmost professionalism and unparalled expertise.  They have kept our tenants happy, safe, & comfortable for years.  We can't imagine owning & managing property without them.  To us, they are so much more than contractors; they are family and have treated us as such."  Amy & Matt Jones (Bluegrass Rentals)...Lexington KY

"Bernie Hartung & Associates have always taken care of all our heating and air service; everything from routine checks to projects as big as replacing entire units for our business. They are always very prompt at returning our calls for service.  They have many years of experience and knowledge of all HVAC operations".  Charlie's Seafood.... Lexington KY

"Bernie and his staff hve been an intregal part of the growth of our small business over the past 10 years.  We value their input and BHAA truly are part of our inner circle of trusted advisors.  In the world of cut throat business we all exist in, it is good to do business with a company that still puts the value of the relationship as their number one priority."  David Johnson.... Lexington, KY

"I have done business with Hartung & Associates for over 10 years.  I have found Bernie and his team to always be friendly, responsive and extremely competent."  Jack McAuley......... Lexington, KY

"Bernie and his associates have been my HVAC caretaker for years.  Also has been taking care of my daughter and son's HVAC needs.  He has the most reputable, dependable service company a person could want in time of maintenance and service needs.  His philosophy of repair if possible, and replace only if absolutely necessary is an outstanding money saving idea for the consumer."   Don Gaines...... Lexington, KY

" I first became aware of Bernie Hartung & Associates on a hot summer Friday afternoon when the company that had removed my air conditioning units refused to return and connect them because someone in the office had omitted putting this on their office schedule.  The bobcat operator suggested I give Bernie a call.  I did and they came to the house and reconnected both of my air conditioning units so I would have a comfortable weekend.  Because they went out of their way to help a stranger with a problem, I decided I would stay with this company.  I have now used Bernie Hartung & Associates exclusively for over 10 years.  I have always been charged a reasonable rate - even for the first emergency call.  During December 2010 I entered my office building on a cold December day and smelled gas.  So, I called Bernie Hartung & Associates.  Because of the difficulty of the job, it took the cmpany two days to replace the furnace (probably a 60 year old furnace) but again the charge was reasonable.  My experience with Bernie Hartung & Associates is that they are quick for emergency service calls and have reasonable rates on all the work they perform."   Fred Irtz... Lexington, KY

"Above and Beyond ALL expectations."  That is how I would describe my experience with Bernie Hartung and Associates.  Never before have I received such a thorough, informative and helpful home inspection.  The information I received neatly packaged in both wirtten and verbal form, enabled me to make the best decision regarding the purchase of a new house.  Thank you Bernie and crew for the spactacular service.  Your very satisfied customer, Dana.....Lexington, KY

"Bernie Hartung & Associates took great care of us! They were incredibly quick from quote to install, and we couldn't be happier and more comfortable in our home", Megan....Lexington, Ky

On lowered electric bills - "We are absolutely astounded. We had tracked it a bit and knew the bills were lower. They are all fully half of our old bills and then some. In winter - it's like we are just paying for the hot water. In summer - our bills have gone from $400 and over to $165, $200, etc in the very hottest months. AND we are comfortable, the temp is always exactly where we want it to be - unlike before when we were paying twice as much but could never get cool. AND we know that if anything happens or the system needs fixing, it will actually be fixed!We adore you, and your staff, and company. We are really just glad to know you, very blessed. Thanks for everything.", Toni....Lexington, Ky

On a home inspection we performed - "Bernie, Thank you so much for all of your help. Your customer service is second to none. Jay was a pleasure to work with and could not have been nicer or more knowledgeable. My friend James was absolutely right in his recommendation of you and your company! Many many thanks!", Daniel....Lexington, Ky

BBB Compliment - "I recently had my air conditioner break in the 90 degree weather. The company gave me window air units to borrow and responded with fair quotes and was able to put in the system the next day. They also allowed me time to get financing. I feel very comfortable with their employees. They have assigned Matt to my residence so he is familiar with my family and my specific unit and its needs. I appreciate how great they have been with our family.", Jackie....Nicholasville, Ky

Google Review - "Hartung and his crew did a terrific job on the installation of a new Goodman hvac system for my home. Their expertise and advice was way above and beyond what the other hvac companies I contacted had to offer!", 5 Star Review - Rusty Brown...Lexington, Ky

Google Review - "I was forced to pay an invoice for work which was not performed timely or correctly. As a result, my air conditioning still does not operate properly. I understand the value of good service. Price is irrelevant when service is quality. Hower, 30 minutes, a $10 part and zero improvement to our air system should not amount to $330. Be careful who you use and make certain you know what you are paying for. The worst part is after declining to pay for the faulty service, they stuck their dog of a lawyer on me to collect payment. He does not care at all if service was performed so long as he gets paid. Typical!!!, 1 Star Review - Steven Singleton...Lexington, Ky

"I have been using Bernie Hartung and Associates for a few years - and they have NEVER let me down! They are ALWAYS quick to respond, and both quickly diagnose and fix my HVAC issues. Just recently, my upstairs (attic) air handler quit working and would only blow air that was the ambient temperature of the intake - no cooling. This came right on the heels of a stopped up condensate line on the same unit, so I thought the unit was end-of-life (is is around 20  years old). The technician quickly diagnosed a bad capacitor on the outside compressor unit that services the upstairs and replaced it - and just like magic, we had cold air again!. I believe that other companies I have dealt with in the past would have used this opportunity to sell me a whole new unit, considering the age of my existing unit. But not Bernie Hartung and Associates - the fixed the problem and told me that when the time comes to replace the unit, they will be here for me. Now that's a company I can trust and continue to use. Thanks guys!!, Ned B... Lexington, Ky

"Bernie Hartung and Associates went above and beyond to help us with a major, potentially dangerous situation. Within minutes, we had the BHAA crew at the house. Mike then called to patiently and clearly explain our options. BHAA is trustworthy and reliable. Customer service, satisfaction and safety are clearly priorities. This is a company with integrity. We will always trust BHAA with our HVAC needs., Beth & Dan M...Lexington, Ky

"I would like to compliment the Bernie Hartung & Assoc. for their excellent service this week. Our old furnace quit working Tuesday morning. The company sent men out to check on the problem Tuesday afternoon, and 5 men showed up at 8am Wednesday and worked steadily for 6 hours until the new furnace was installed. A very grateful and warm "Thank you" to the company and those 6 hard working men. We would highly recommend this company for any heating and air conditioning needs you may have.", Roger B... Lexington, Ky


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